23 Ogos 2007

19 – 22 August 2007

Hi everybody! Newbie here… It’s been long since I’ve wanted a blog of my own, ever since the broadband explosion in Parit Raja three years ago. At first, I’ve wanted to create one when I have my own PC, but after three years, no PC still! From the moment when I was still a Bachelors degree student, now I’ve finished my studies, and currently attending INSEP (Industrial Skills Enhancement Programme) in Executive Diploma in Microelectronics.

Upon attending INSEP, almost all my class mates have a blog or two of their own (not really!). The burning drive for having my own blog lit again. Also, I wanted to write, to express my feelings, my thoughts, my opinions, my stories, my views of the world today, and anything that crosses my mind.

Hmm, what should I write about first? Maybe on what happened on 19 August first. What happened at that time? Nothing much, my friends and I attended the CIDB seminar for the application of the CIDB ‘green card’. Nothing happened actually, it’s just that I’m not satisfied with the way CEC people are doing their jobs. Shaggy and I already written the form for the green card, but the CEC people lost our form! Not just us, many of us, I don’t know how many, but it’s a lot man! Their reason for losing our forms; “The person responsible for your forms has resigned”. Ridiculous! Ridiculous I tell you, did the person responsible for it brought the forms home? I don’t think so! People have told me before that CEC have a tendency to lose people’s things. I did not buy it at that time, boy how was I wrong! On our faults they can extort us, for example; the thing that happened the day before, the CEC guy threats to not give us our Executive Diploma because some of us came, signed our attendance, and left. He said that he noticed 12 people doing that. Were my friends and I involved? Aaah.. He’s just bluffing man! (I think). When they lost our forms, do we make any threats? BTW we weren’t escaping from the Entrepreneurship Forum; we just went out to have our lunch at 25 Jam! ahahahaha… and then we came back after an hour (and after playing 4 rounds of Declare)… huauhahahhah super!

The Dirty Half-Dozen: Hisham, Firdaus, Myself, Shaggy, Ikmal and Adnan.

The Entreprenuership Forum.

Afterwards, I wanted to return to Ipoh, because I have an exam in Dewan Sekolah Raja Perempuan Taayah, Ipoh. What exam? You know, the SPA exam, the ‘Peperiksaan Memasuki Perkhidmatan Gabungan Skim 14 Jawatan’ exam. Wow, what a long name, and I don’t even want to translate that. So I took a bus to Batu Pahat’s bus stand, to buy tickets on the spot, return to KL first, and then take a bus to Ipoh next. It’s cheaper by RM11 if I take two buses to Ipoh than just a bus straight to Ipoh BTW. It was kind of late when I went there, and I was hoping to catch the last bus to KL, 10.30 pm I think. I reached there at 7.00 pm or so, and all the buses to anywhere are fully booked! Wah, my bad! It was on Sunday on school holiday and UTHM’s mid-sem break. Ahah, so I bought tickets for the next day, on Monday, and the earliest bus to KL available was on 5.30 pm (also bought the ticket to Ipoh from KL at 10.30 pm). So my intention to skip class on Monday cannot be fulfilled… Serves me right, what do I expect, buying last minute when everybody’s going home and have their vacations. Then I went back to Parit Raja… Mr. Shaggy told me to meet at Parit Haji Rais because he has a meeting in Dataran Anggerik. Met him on the way there, went to Rafiq, Pak Joe and Mat Yuz’s house, left my bag at their house, and I tagged along to the meeting… suddenly I’m the head for FKEE students! What the feck? Afterwards Mr. Shaggy and I went to Highbury to watch Blackburn play Arsenal game. Drew 1 all. Went back home to Susur Tembikai, encoded video from the uE and RKA Bowling tournament (links 1 and 2) , watched Mr. 3000 but slept halfway through it…

The next day, woke up at 10! Missed the class, but we were determined to go the meeting at 1 pm in FKEE Complex. For the first time ever, I conducted a meeting with 80 plus members. How was I at it? Horrible I think, I was like a clown and I’m not very good in public speaking. Appointed Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Jeffri from Medical Electronic to conduct the pantomime and appointed Miss Elyaniza from RKA as my vice. Then Shaggy and I went to Bank Muamalat to pay RM130 for convocation fees. Did I mention I’m having my convocation? Yes I am. Felt very blessed to finish my studies after 2 years of extension… haha, 7 years and proud of it! Next, catch a bus to BP, went to KL, and then reached Ipoh at 1 am.

The best thing about Ipoh is that I love being there, not doing anything, I just eat and sleep. Maybe study a little for the exam. The next day, the day that I’ve been preparing for a while (not really), the the ‘Peperiksaan Memasuki Perkhidmatan Gabungan Skim 14 Jawatan’ exam day. (Ctrl+C up there and Ctrl+V eheh). Reached the school quite late, 9.20 am and the first paper was Sahsiah, (200 questions) at 9.30 and finished at 10.10 am. The next paper was Minat, (287 questions) and the head Pengawas asked us if we wanted to start it earlier than schedule, everyone agreed, except me. What’s the rush? Apparently they didn’t hear me, so we started the paper on 10.30 as supposed to 10.40. The first two papers are only personality tests, so no problems there. The third paper, Pengetahuan Am, the paper that I studied half heartedly was an objective, 50 questions to be answered in 40 minutes. This paper tests us about our common knowledge of Malaysia and the world. Not so easy, not so tough for me. Started at 11.30 and finished at 12.10. And then the lunch break! We ate Nasi Ganja near the Kinta River stall (Ipoh people must know punya..), the most popular lunch in Ipoh. My friend Mr. Abang Long Husni Mubarak asked his subordinate to buy them for us. Wah.. It’s been a long time since I had them; I think the last time I ate was with my late father, many years ago. The penultimate paper was Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah, used to measure candidates using these three elements: logic skills, data interpretation skills and mathematical concepts. I thought that this paper was fairly easier than the similar paper during PTD exams. I managed to answer all 40 questions in 40 minutes, with 5 minutes left to spare. Started at 1.45 and lasted till 2.30. The last paper was Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Melayu. Kacang jer… finished answering them in half the time and the ‘Peperiksaan Memasuki Perkhidmatan Gabungan Skim 14 Jawatan’ exam was over (same trick as before). Yeah! And I exited the exam hall with a smile on my face.

The letter for SPA exam.

The following event was the most boring and was the period when I was angriest in my life… Have to wait for my brother to fetch me up, SMSed him, using Husni’s phone, my phone’s credit was zero at that time. That was at 3.45 pm, he replied at 4.00 pm and said that he wants to take a shower, so I thought it was okay, how long would it take to have a shower? Waited and waited, and waited again, waited, waited, waited until it was 4.30, I call him, he didn’t answer, so I called my mum, and my mum said that he’s performing his Asar prayers, so then I waited again… by that time I have no more coins left, so I waited and waited, and waited….. Alas! He came at 5.20 pm! WTF? It was almost 2 hours of waiting, and I was the only person who hasn’t gone home yet. I don’t know how much I cussed and cursed by dreaded brother… I scolded him and almost wanted to punch him, but I need the ride so I didn’t do it. Okay, he’s my brother, I love him, but this is super duper ridiculous! Afterwards, went to buy tickets to return to BP. KKKL Ekspress at 10.45 pm.

Something that happened along the journey; the bus driver and the van driver loading buah petai onto the bus.

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