28 Ogos 2007

Team Demolishment Part 1

Part of the requirements to obtain an executive diploma in INSEP is that we must attend a camp. The camp is called ‘Kem Jatidiri dan Kerja Berpasukan’ or in short, Team Building camp. A hundred of my fellow INSEP students and I attended this camp on 24th till 27th August in Kem Air Hitam, Batu 13 Muar.

On the Friday morning, I overslept. I woke at 8.30 am, and don’t even know what time the bus leaves. So I immediately contact another Shahiran in my class, Mr Mohd Nur ZulSyahiran bin Rustam Al (Zul) and asked him the details. He said that the bus is leaving, and I need to get there pronto! So I prepared myself and threw 4 days clothes into my bag. Luckily, the last bus was still there when I reached UTHM campus and off we went to Muar.

First thing we do when we reached there is to give up our prized possessions, our wallets and hand phones and exchanged with our new prized possession or amanah as they called it. That thing was an egg with 2 signatures on it. We must treasure and keep it safe because we need to return it back after the camp was over. After that, the boys went to a nearby masjid to perform our Friday prayers. Later we were separated into 8 groups with 12 to 13 people in each. Our team consists of 5 boys (Zul, Fadd, Zaid, Apai and I) and 8 girls (Ira, Bae, Along, Ina, CT, Yati, Nana and Su). The first task or LDK 1 was to get to know each other and appoint a leader (Zul) and co-leader (Along). LDK 2 was at night time and we must make our group to be a team; that is to have our team name, logo, motto, vision, mission, flag, theme song and a sculpture or ‘arca’ to represent our team. Yours truly was given the task by our leader to come up with the logo and the flag helped by Along and CT. Coincidentally with my A2 in SPM Arts Education helped our team to come up with a logo of a knuckle and 3 Ms. The other team members came up with the other tasks. And then, our team name was no longer Kumpulan 4, it was Momentum.

The flag with the logo I designed... ehehehe Shaggy hiding his face behind it.

The next day in LDK 3, we need to present all the things we’ve done the previous night in front of other teams and facilitators and points will be given. Before even presenting ourselves, our marks were -30 because we were too busy talking and not paying attention to the other group that was presenting. During our presentation, my egg was stolen and I was furious at the thief and asked her not to do that and return it back to me immediately but she denied ever stealing it. So when our presentation was over I had a small talk with other facilitator and because of my lack of politeness our team was deducted further 50 points. What another major blow to our team but my team didn’t blame me and I don’t even know why. LDK 4 was about personality test and all those mumbo jumbo about finding yourself and whatnot.

Course schedule for the camp.

What about the lectures you asked? Mostly I slept through them... My bad. I was so tired and there wasn’t any much interaction between the presenter and the audience so my eyes just... sort of closed.

P/S: Will be continued on the other posts... wait n see if I’m capable of finishing them. Feeling tired, still haven’t slept after returning from the camp.. so signing of from Firdaus’ PC.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

i envy you. masa kitorg pergi team building x ramai org yg kitorg kenal. sgt busann.. x banyak interaction between members sbb masing2 malu or suka buat hal sendiri. u r lucky i guess...

or0 berkata...

lucky? 4 days is lucky? wait till I post more..