15 April 2008

The Search of a Job

Initially, I thought I was able to prolong my industrial training at Sony EMCS Bangi and thus securing an engineer position at the company. For three months there, I learnt a lot about the manufacturing sector. Having participated in the production department, I learnt the flow and control process, also about quality and reliability division of it. But unfortunately at the time there were no immediate vacancies in the whole factory. So, my stint at Sony was just three months.

Afterwards, the race for job started. Firstly I used the easiest (or so they say) medium of job hunting, that is through the means of internet recruitment site. The first one that came to mind was Jobstreet, because it is the oldest recruitment site available in Malaysia and many have benefited from the site. And so I searched and searched for jobs that suit my qualification and submit my resume there. Luckily they have the resume builder, and I used it to created my own resume and apply to lots of engineering job available. And then I waited.

After leaving bangi in February, I decided to return home to Ipoh because of the high cost of living here in Kuala Lumpur. Returning to Ipoh meant that my mentality changed because of the surroundings, like people say, ‘Ipoh is a place for the retired’. I agree with them to a certain extent, because laziness kicked in upon staying in Ipoh. After being scolded by my mother lots of times, a different method is needed for me to land myself an interview and ultimately a job.

The Star newspaper was the method that I used because of the high amount of recruitment ads available in it, especially in the Saturday edition, where they have a separate section specifically for recruitment ads, Starjobs. Skimming through the section every Saturday and looking for electrical engineer position, anything that has the two words is highlighted and the email for the job is jotted down. Afterwards, the cyber café is the place to go. Using emails is much easier because I can directly contact the advertiser and submit my resume and cover letter.

The first hit was International Logging Company situated in Bandar Puchong Jaya. It was fast, I submitted my resume on Sunday, and the company contacted me through telephone on Tuesday saying that I was invited to an interview on Thursday. Much faster and easier than recruitment sites.

So far, there were six interviews that I went, including walk in interviews. And the last one is OUM at Center for Quality Management

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