25 September 2008

Something to Write

Yup, I was tagged by Ms. Sarizah@Achique@Icik@Izah@Eja. As of me not having anything important to do in the office, why not I write something in response to her tagging. And I will write this in English as it's been long since I've written one.

My family calls me Ma. My close friends call me Mal. My Kelantanese friends call me Jama (also my Mak Yang). Other nicknames: none I think because all of them didn't stick. From what I remember, my neighbour called me Pak Tongko (P.Ramlee punya pasal la ni). Also Jamal Akhlakun, Kebab, Un etc. None of them sticked! OH, I've been using or0 for internet purposes since 1998, so 10 years already!!

Anak2 buah aku panggil aku Acik. Ade gak panggil aku Kicu. Ade yang pelat panggil Asyiamal n Syamau. Kak Ipar aku panggil aku Jama gak.

When I was in Primary 5 I think, I was knocked by a motorbike. I was riding a bicycle at that time, and my gang and I were crossing a road in Kampung Pasir Puteh beside the new masjid site. All of my gang already crossed, and I was the last to cross and not looking left or right or back, suddenly I was knocked by a Y80 motorbike. I just fell but no scratches or cuts. The bicycle was a little bent. Thank god it wasn't mine! I changed bicycles with my friend before that and the accident occurred a few meters from his house!

3)Driving License
I obtained my P in 2002 after almost two years of going back and forth to Ipoh - Parit Raja to learn and tests. For my B2 I tested two times because the first time I failed in Jalan raya because I stopped the bike more than the white line. Just a simple mistake, right? Cheh. For my D I tested 3 times! The first time, I failed both because during the 3-point parking, where normally I don't apply any pressure on the accelerator and the very same car that I practiced was used for the test. So I just played around with the clutch, hoping that the car would be able to move without using the accelerator. But, nothing happened. So I stepped on the accelerator and I knocked a few tiangs! Failed! Went out of the car and smashed the door. Thinking that I'm going to pay the same amount of money for retest whether I failed both or any one, I failed the jalan raya on purpose. Regretted that decision when retest the 1st time, failed jalan raya again.
Full license obtained in 2004. Went for a year without renewing it in 2005/2006 and only renewed after being stopped by the traffic police in Puchong.

Bought one for RM300. Still no road tax and insurance. Costs for repair >RM600. Nuff said.

I am a very non-athletic person. It's because when I was a lot smaller, I had severe asthma. So I never represent anything in sports.
But in form 4, a few days after entering the school we need to participate in cross country. So for the training and get-to-know the course, our house Jati went for training. I only walked and berborak with Bidin and also Izrul so we were left behind by the pack. Searching for the pack, found a group of form 2 students. They said that they also can't find the pack. Afterwards, 3 seniors came towards us and we form a new pack, a pack of Lost Children! Actually the cross country should be finished at 6.15 pm but the Lost Children pack only reached the school at 8.30 pm! Very scary man, imagine going to a new place for the first time and getting lost! We even found an orchard with Siamese writings! Bidin thought that we already crossed the border to Thailand.
Afterwards, I never went for cross country practice (because of the muscle strains) and straight to the competition. The funny thing is that we took the wrong path early on!

In school I played basketball because of Slamdunk manga! In Ittho I played football in the evening just for fun.

I like to study things that are unrelated to the syllabus.
I hate homework since Primary 1!
In Kemahiran Hidup, I was the only one that does not submit his ledger book.
Mathematics are like breathing to me. Very the kacang one! But I suck in additional mathematics.
I stay up just to berborak and disturb people sleeping. The best one would be the 'Mengacau orang tidur dengan menyamar hantu'. I will write about it later okay?
I think I have the most beautiful result for SPM: 2 A1s, 2 A2s, 2 C3s, 2 C4s and 2 C5s.

Duran-duran (my brother has cassettes)
Wham (I like Last Christmas the best)
A-ha (Take on me)
Jason Donovan (Forever and Ever)
Rick Astley (can't remember the song name)
The Police (Every Breath You Take)
-Influenced by my older brothers and sisters and cousins.
I memorized the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby. Still do.

9)People will get mad at me because I'm a stubborn person and I like to do things at my pace, meaning that I usually finish work late.

I'm Malay.
My father was Minang (Tok) + Kerinchi (Opah) and my mother is Pakistan + Jawa (Tok) + Minang (Opah). I think?
Everyone of my siblings have people mistaken them for Chinese. Not me though.

11)I understand people, maybe? But people don't understand me (not much).

I like kids. Kids like me. I know how to attract their attention. But in no means that I am a paedophile. I like pdf files though.

13)I am very selfish. The person that I love the most in this world is Myself.

I can sew buttons like a pro!
I cannot operate sewing machine.

Modelling. Not like the Ole-ole Ramadhan one. Plastic kit modelling.
Reading (give me anything, I'll read it)
Video games (not so much now)
Internet (very blessed with this job)
Movies (if the the reviews are good, and no one wants to accompany me, I'll go alone)

I will tag my brother. Okay or not?

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AchiQue berkata...

banyaknya campuran. dah macam kuih raya. hehe..tapi kerinchi dtg dr mane eh? tak pernah dengar la pulak. so that's where ur cute nose came from. [yeah, i think it's cute]. ok. pergi belek cermin sekarang!

aku tak familiar dengan jason donovan & rick astley. but duran duran aku suka.

i wonder la kan, masa korang (the Lost children) balik lambat tu takde ke yg mencari? tapi kelakar la. ramai2 pun boleh sesat eh. btw, rumah jati tu rumah kaler ape? kuning?

one more thing, lelaki yg sukakan budak always have place in woman's heart. ini adalah tips utk mengorat perempuan. sila berbuat baik dgn budak2 didepan mereka.

or0 berkata...

kerinchi tu kat pulau jawa gak, dekat sebelah minang kut.. tp kawasan kecik je.. dekat2 gunung merapi..

ohoh.. hidung aku mmg cute, xyah bitau pon aku dah tau.. sibling aku sume jeles ngn aku sbb aku sorg je ade hidung mancung tp bernostril beso.. disebabkan jeles derang panggil aku mancung kembang..

mase jadi lost children tu mmg ade org cari.. tp x jumpa.. dalam pukul 8 camtu kami jumpa public phone n call PKHEM kami n ustaz pikap kami...

eheh.. aku kid at heart

joharym berkata...

Ada nama lain... Jamal@Asmuni rasenye... Masa tu berubat mandi dgn ayam agar pindah penyakit kpd ayam. Pehtu ayam tu disembelih & buat goreng...

joharym berkata...

Pehtu kamu ajor budak2 lebih tua dari kamu matematik & bahase inggeris. Terutama sekali bacaan doa...

or0 berkata...

salah tu.. mandi ngan ayam ngan tukar nama (tak jadi) tu 2 perkara berlainan.

adeke name cenggitu?(btw asmuni tu salah!!)tak komersil langsung.. manela org nak name camtu..

umo sebelumm tadika kut mandi ngan ayam. berubat dengan tok ee seng kiu.. ayam tu tok ee ngan bini die aje yg boleh makan. tok ee ade gak turunkan sikit ilmu berubat nungap kat arwah abah.

ohoho... maths n english eh?