23 April 2009


I need to escape.

Escape from work.

Escape from duties.

Escape from the hustle and bustle.

Escape from responsibilities.

Escape from sanity.

Escape from burden.

Escape from problems.

Escape from KL.

Yok ke JB esok petang!!!

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Shah-Azz, Inc. berkata...

How about, 'Escape the Fate'? hahaha...

"Yes I will see you through the smokes and flames, on the frontlines of war...And I will stand my ground until the end, 'till we conquer them all..." - This War Is Ours.

Qider berkata...


or0 berkata...

dapat escape dr kl. ke jb lak. dah sampai kl balik dah pon. dalam kesejukan. bilik server mane tak sejuk?