06 September 2007

Convocation!! Yes, finally we made it!

Seven years ago, a boy enrolled in Institut Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn without thinking that he would be taking a very long time finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (Hons.). His first semester there sucked, he only managed to obtain 1.76 GPA/CPA, almost kicked out by a mere 0.06 points! On the next semester he learned his lesson, so he studied harder than before and scored 3.30 GPA and 2.50 CPA. The next semester was okay, CPA was up to 2.55. And then he immersed himself in the world of laziness, thus his CPA dropped and dropped until he graduated with only 2.30 CPA! (The lowest score for obtaining 2nd Class Lower Honours).

Ahahaha... he sucks right! Yes he is! Doesn’t matter for him, at least he can understand the experiences his friends experience a year and two years ago... the experience of convocation. So together with a chosen few of his batch, they graduated in a super overwhelmingly delightful experience.



Pictures of him during convocation:

L-R: Puan Salwa the older sister with Najwa Batrisya, the boy with borrowed flowers, Puan Rohimah the mother and Miss Suhana the younger sister.

Big smiles! (Mr. Nazry with the boy).

Hindustan-ish pose with Mr Nor Amin.

With the rest of 7 years: (Mr. Azali, Mr. Nazry, Mr. Shahiran, the boy, Mr. Nor Amin and Mr Khairi the last year’s convo boy.

What the feck?

The prize for graduating: A Maybach!

With Vice Chancellor

With our father figure: Prof. Zarar

Pictures of after all the formal ones:

Smoking in the NO SMOKING zone!

Sungai Lurus trip!

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yuzrin a.k.a matyuz berkata...

jeles tul ar blh plk ada sesi gambo ngan NC...argghh knp aku x terpikir la ari tu.

Mohsin_Chan berkata...

tergerak hati ku utk klik link kat saiyaman tu. tak sangka skema giler ayat2 nukilan yg ko guna dlm blog ni...bagus. teruskan usaha anda utk menulis nukilan2 tersebut. minggu depan aku balik nak pungut semula dvd yang telah dipinjam~

Shah-Azz, Inc. berkata...

haha aku di CC selepas bertarawih tatkala mohsin-chan call nak datang amik dvdnye...huahua yeah we made it Incik Jamal!!