28 November 2007

SOEM - PAC - Clinic

Wednesday 21/11

Work as usual. Checked if my application for unpaid leave is accepted or not. Checked, accepted. So Thursday and Friday I'm officially on leave.

32nd Monthly Genba Kaizen yesterday and today, so we work our arse off to make sure that we win it. Feeling a little bit feverish, gather up my strength to make it through the day. Just working behind the scene suits me the best. Just finishing up from yesterday and then the exhibition/checking is done. Morigawa-san, our MD liked our transformation. During the time I was the photographer, so managed to took pictures of older people pretending to be cute.. ahaha.. just look:

Didn't win though. Ayah Mat gave me the consolation prize key chain as a token of appreciation of my work. It's nice to be appreciated. Left the factory for my house in Seri Putra in my sis' car. Packed bags and off to Puchong!

Did my laundry. Hang them to dry. Repacked the bags. Tomorrow's gonna be a long day.

Thursday 22/11

Bus leaves at 10.00 am. My sis sent me to Sri Petaling LRT station. Bought The Star newspaper, waited for the train. Train came, aboard the train, reached Plaza Rakyat at 9.30 am. Getting late. The bus was not going to depart from there, it was at Jalan Duta. Searched for the bus to Jalan Duta, none in sight. A taxi driver approached, said it's RM20 to go there? WTF? Not enough money in wallet. Only RM16 left. He lowered to RM18, still 2 bucks short. I said RM15, he said okay. Reached Jalan Duta at 9.50 am. Withdraw more money from ATM.

Bus finally leave for Alor Setar at 10.15 am. Super late even by my standards. Read The Star, feeling dizzy reading small fonts. Slept and woke up. Slept and woke up. Slept and woke up already reached Sungai Perak R&R at 1.00 pm. Ate lunch alone. Washed hands after eating, my sirap laici gone! Asked the guys where my drink was, he said sorry and gave a new one. Board the bus again. Slept and woke up. Slept and woke up. Massive jam! Slept and woke up. Still jam! Slept and woke up. Jam still! Slept and woke up. Don't know how long the jam was. Apparently there was a land slide near Perak-Hanjoong Cement factory (old name, don't remember the new one) so traffic was directed at the opposite lane. Imagine thousands of vehicles cramming into on lane at this side and the other side. Slept and woke up. Reached Alor Setar at 6.30 pm. What a long journey that was!

Called Emak. Saying I'm okay, reached safely there. Waited for Abang Feros to come pick me up. 6.50 pm, off to Jitra! My cute nieces are cuter than before. Ironed the shirts and pants for the assessment. Slept.

Friday 23/11 - PAC 1st Day

Woke up.


Reached Intan Utara (INTURA) at 10.50 am. Registration's from 9.00 - 11.00. 10.55 finished writing aspirations on the form given and submitted it. 156's the plate number. Have to carry it around the neck all the time. Measured my height, 167cm, weight 70kg. Pretty boroi nowadays. No more exercise. Total of 161 candidates came. Number 156 over 161. Late am I?

Fever's getting feverer... Briefing bout the process. Public speaking titles draw. Got Bagaimana memperbaiki sistem pengangkutan awam di Malaysia for BM, Values for English. Research time! So many people inside the computer lab, so opted to ask family and friends for input. Abg Razi gave a lot. Shaggy a few, Kowa a few, thanks guys! Used all of them. BM part okay. English later..

8.30 pm: 1st activity. Together with 10 other candidates, we were given a situation. Flood crisis. The facilitator was hot! She asked for a volunteer to chair the meeting. Seeing nobody raised hands, I raised mine! Okay, now the assessor recognized me. 1st poyo action from yours truly... ahahaha... Chaired it pretty good the facilitator said, just need to raise my voice higher. Okay I think, felt really good.

Saturday 24/11 - PAC 2nd day

Still feverish. Woke up early, went for breakfast. Ate a little because afterwards got some field activities. 2nd activity was kind of stupid. Stupid that I won't write about it.

3rd one was the BM public speaking activity. Re-write the points to make sure it stick into my head. Presented it pretty well with Baku BM but not so much eye contact with the assessor. 5 minutes of talking seem like 5 seconds to me. So many things to say in a short period of time.

4th activity was the one that dreaded me the most. Had to run 2.4km in bukit-bukau course. No preparation at all! We had to run the 1.2km course 2 times! Fever was still in. Tried my best and finished it 15-18 minutes range. Okay or not? Swell I suppose, with no preparation + fever = managed to finish it in the second group. 1st group 12-15 minutes, 3rd 18-21 minutes and so on.

5th activity in the evening: English discourse. 11 people discussed the topic of reality TV. Didn't have lots to say, because not so much of a TV addict nowadays. The subject of AF kept coming out of the mouths of other candidates. No comment from me. Later it was in BM. Now everybody has something to say. Even myself. Not so much AF came out.


Sunday 25/11 - PAC last day

Woke up, breakfast. 8.00 am got the English public speaking activity (6th).

Now they will give us 5 minutes to prepare after given the specific title. Had to wait for a long long time before my turn because I'm the last person to present it. The title was A good leadership practice. Piece of cake. while the second last person is presenting hers, I prepared the points that I want to include. Went so well because every time I said a point, the 3 assessors nodded. Wow, what a great feeling!

At 10.30, the 7th (last) activity. Parliament styled debate. Went okay. Merdeka!!!!!!!!!

Almost 3.00 pm my ride came. Went to Alor Setar to eat chicken rice at stadium. Went to Abg Feros' office. And then back to Jitra... Did some more laundry. Slept at 4.00 in the morning.

Monday 26/11

Durian Burung double decker bus. Nothing really, just an additional RM5 for the fare and a higher place to sleep. This time no more jam in Kuala Kangsar. The debris cleaned.

Reached KL at 5.30 pm. Took LRT to Sultan Ismail. Kowa picked me up and finally to Klinik Segara in Taman Kinrara. Got MC for today.

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M. H. Jabbar berkata...

apa PAC tu mal? huhu...ko masuk pertandingan ke apa..

or0 berkata...

PTD Assessment Centre..

yuzrin a.k.a matyuz berkata...

ni ler 1st time aku baca isi blog ko yg panjang.

now i knew why u did refuse my invitation to play bowling...

pas ni alasan sibuk per plk?

or0 berkata...

seperti yang anda ketahui, aku telah refuse untuk bermain pada malam ini. dan anda juga tahu bahawa esok aku kerja full day.. sony ni pandai, die kasi cuti pepanjang utk raye aji + krismas 10 ari tapi die ganti le dgn ari sabtu.. so nak tak nak aku kene keje gak esok.. kalo x gi kire ponteng.. dah ler 2 ari dah aku ponteng sbb rim bengkok pada 2 motor berlainan..