20 Mei 2008

Jalan Raja Chulan – Ipoh - PAC Again!? – KKB – Segambut – Jalan Kuching

Those events occurred on April 24 until 26 last month. Jalan Raja Chulan was the place where U mobile office is located, and the first stop of my weekend of work quest. I applied 2 days of leave for that week because of that, that leaves me with only 1 day of leave left. (The contract says I have three leave days, 1 day per month).

Thursday 24/04

On that particular morning, I should have gone there by car, my sister agreed to take me there, but the car would not start, so we had to go to our destinations by taxi. Upon waiting for the taxi, I tried to call the interviewer to tell them that I was going to be late for the interview. The major problem was at that time, my phone was having its bad day, and I cannot even turn it on. My sis scolded me because I did not jot down the number of the interviewer. Therefore, I called 100 to ask for the number for u mobile office in Jalan Raja Chulan. Called them, asked for the interviewer’s number, but they did not know anybody with that description. Tried to switch on the phone, magically it worked, after trying for three days! Therefore, I then called the person who contacted me and rescheduled the interview.

So then, the taxi dropped my sis to her office, and then I at Medan Tuanku monorail station and up I went inside the monorail, to raja Chulan station. When I reached there, like always, forms to be filled while waiting for the interview session. Interview went short, because the post was not really the one that I fancy. Afterwards, I walked to Puduraya. I know it is a hell of a walk, but due to insufficient funds, do I have a choice? Got a ticket Ipoh bound, and reached Ipoh at 5.30 pm. Bought a ticket to Tanjung Malim for tomorrow. Reached home, packed my bags.

Friday 25/04

In the morning went to Ipoh bus stand in Medan Gopeng, the bus embark at 9.00 despite 8.45 stated on the ticket. I knew I was going to be late. The registration is from nine to 11 only so I called the secretariat at about 10.30 saying that I was going to be late. Yes I was late, reached Tanjung Malim at 11.15, luckily when I reached there, there was an INSTUN bus waiting for me. Then other PTD candidates and I was taken to INSTUN… we registered ourselves and I got the lucky number 162, the last number…

That evening, the first activity was an open discussion with the title ‘education in Malaysia is poorer than other countries’ or something like that, I can’t remember. So 12 other candidates and I talked as if we were the policy makers of Malaysia. Oh, I met a familiar face among them, my junior in Seposen. She is getting married on 25th May by the way. Sitting next to her was a cute lady, her junior in UIA, Jaja was her name. That is all I know about her, did not manage to get her number.

Saturday 25/04

The next morning, the activity was an outdoor one, almost the same as last time, minus the stupid part so I contribute the best I could. In the afternoon, the activity was Pengucapan Awam. I think I did terrible in this activity, trying not to look at the notes that I prepared earlier, seeing the assessor face, my mind went blank. Pausing for 10 seconds or so, thinking of what to say, alas I stopped myself and sat down. Ahaha sucks to be me!

After teatime, the activity that I was very looking forward to is finally coming. Yes, the 2.4km run. Why am I looking forward to run? It is because, not like last time, I was prepared for it. Because of not having the place to jog, I practiced running in the gym. Very funny right? Me going to the gym? Ahahaha…the treadmill and the walker was my friend for a week (or less was it?). I even went inside the sauna where I met this uncle who has a shop in BB Plaza, talking about politics with him. Okay, enough of that, for that activity, I managed to break my personal record of under 18 minutes to under 15 minutes. Yeah! The second group who finished the run! Not to mention I overtook my junior at the last hurdle (note: she was an athlete during school). I felt very happy and satisfied with myself with that achievement. Jumped into the pool afterwards.

Later that evening, the activity was meeting; this time I could not volunteer myself to be the chairman because the facilitator has already appointed one. In the coldness of the room, I tried to involve myself the best I could. Okay I think.

Sunday 26/04

The penultimate activity was public speaking, this time I think I did not that great like the first time. How would I know? ‘Layankan aje’… In addition, the last activity was parliament styled debate. This time I get to be the pembangkang so I had lots of things to argue with the pencadang team. Also met the girl that was in my team in the previous PAC.

PAC settled!

With the help of the bus that brought me to INSTUN, I was sent to Kuala Kubu Baru KTM Komuter station. Before that, the bus stopped at Tanjung Malim bus stand where the four of us guys went to the shops they have over there to replenish our stocks. Stocks of what? Stocks of cigs! Deprived of cigarettes since morning, I bought the highest nicotine laden cigs, Surya! Still cannot enjoy the sensation of them, had to wait until we reached KKB station, and then we smoked like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Sangap’ demolished!

The train came, and the four of us sat close to each other, talking and joking about the public transport system because the debate was about them. 30 minutes later, we reached Rawang station where we changed trains. We had to run up and down the stairs as the train was departing that time and I accidentally knocked an old lady. However, nothing serious there, apologized and straight into the belly of ‘canned sardines’ coach. It was not pleasant, could not even have something to hold on to, not to mention I got three bags with me. Luckily, Rawang to Segambut was only 15 minutes.

Called my brother in law to pick me up. He got lost finding the way there as it was his first time there. I had to wait for half an hour for him. The journey home to Jalan Kuching was brief, five minutes only!

Therefore, this ends the journey of me through the weekend where usually I do not do anything except watching TV. How was it Achique? You sound like my boss, pestering me to write.

p/s: The next entry would be brief. Also, I was not the last person, the last number was 163, he came later than us.

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Qider berkata...

achik memang,dia soh hang update,dia senirik pon kurang..ngeh3x..neway although i enjoyed the whole thing,still (i know this is really a stupid question) what's PAC?


or0 berkata...

what's PAC? please refer here and here

M. H. Jabbar berkata...

tak tau nk komen apa... :-)

AchiQue berkata...

isk isk, bilemase plak aku 'pester'/soh si jamal nih updet. aku kan cume bertanye (klu xnk aku x pakse). x patut x patut. ini sume fitnah belake....

to fir: PAC or PTD assesment centre ni utk org2 yg dh amik and lulus gov test for PTD (pegawai tadbir and diplomatik). if lulus PAC ni br dipanggil for interview. btol x jamal?

and incik orO, sila jgn fitnah saye lg. kecik ati gue. haha... kenape eh aku rs PAC ni makin susah. cam len sket je dr yg aku pegi dulu...still, PAC ni very exhausting. mlm stay-up utk prepare for the speeches (i didn't/couldn't sleep until 5 a.m), petang esoknye kene lari 2.4 km (which i did badly. VERY badly) and malam plak debat ala parlimen (which i hd no clue how to). great experience =D

p/s: 2nd group 2 finish the run? boleh tahanla =P

Shah-Azz, Inc. berkata...

uik...medan tuanku/raja chulan...stesen yg berkait rapat dgn kija aku...satu tu tmpt klien aku (dee bee kay el)..satu lg opis aku larr...

tp kite still ade pavillion menunggu..huhuuhu

or0 berkata...

indonesia jones kuar arini beb... narnia ke IJ?

fir nak ikot?

Qider berkata...

uwaaaaa.....nakkkkk...dengan janji pastu teman aku shopping wedding gift.keloi ar aku beb..(keloi=msg)

or0 berkata...

tgk ler cane.. tp duit tak masuk lagila plak.. menyesal kasi nomot akaun maybank, kalo tau aku kasi cimb jer..